About the Woman Finding her Venus

I bought the domain name for findingmyvenus about 2 years ago in the hope of starting my own blog at the time. As you can see, it took a hefty 24 months before I could produce the site and surely, I can come up with a variety of reasons for this delay such as, I moved countries, I had a miscarriage and finally had my second child however; the simplest one that comes to mind is: procrastination! 🙂

Finding my Venus has been a life mission for me… I have been trying to figure this out since as far as I can remember… This applies to everything in my life, my personality, my body, my femininity, my goals, my career, my children, my husband, my identity heck even my cooking!

I feel that Venus is part of every single woman however; requires a search before we can truly tap into her… It takes overcoming pain, challenges and trials to uncover this charming diva just waiting for us to become confident enough to embrace her! And when we finally do… Aww… the untapped powers that we find are endless! It seems that we can finally overcome adversity in all its shapes and forms… Because let’s face it, life is filled with challenges and the same way we desire positive experiences, we ought to expect negative ones as well…

Through this blog, I will share my past and present experiences with myself, my children, my family, my husband, my work, my take on life and how I am continuously working on pushing myself forward, to overcome the challenges I face, do more and be the Venus that I truly am!

Keep it positive!